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I haven't been in the mood to make entries in the past months. I've been dealing with stress over things like critical analysis to...ugh...politics. One of the few things I did to be able to keep my sanity was revisiting my high school Tales years/my pre-Tales of Symphonia years (i.e. all the Tales games that were out before the North America release of Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube).

It feels like I dealt with too much BS this year that I have dubbed it, "The Year of the BS!" It's all due to the people themselves & politics. It's two things that emphasized the BS: politics & a certain phrase. I also am willing to get offensive & I don't intend to be nice if I have to be.

I'll start with politics.
Look, I hate Trump. You know what else I hate?
  • Being fear mongered into voting for Hillary.
  • Being crapped on for voting third party. (Because heaven forbid that I voted with my conscience & my conscience said that both Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump were equally terrible that I couldn't get behind either of them)
  • People acting like the sky is falling! (I usually wouldn't reference very private issues with myself but I will say right now, yes, I actually had a meltdown in tears all because all I can figuratively hear during that time was how we're doomed because of the election results.)
And I feel like I have to emphasize this. I. HATE. TRUMP!

Yet, I feel like I'm hating other people more than I hate Trump over their reactions. I actually had to cut ties with someone because that person panic because I came to the conclusion that Hillary & Trump were both terrible & said it in reference to a Simpsons Halloween special ("Go ahead! Throw your vote away!" "This time, it actually sounds like a good idea!"). This was the year where I say, "Enough is enough" in regards to the lesser of two evil crap. It also annoyed me how people act like there's only two political party just because they get all the attention.

Other things:
  • If you're going to remind me that people do have a right to protest (mostly in reference to the election results), you are absolutely right. Just remember, they have as much of a right to protest as I have the right to criticize their reason to protest.
  • If you're beating up Trump supporters, you're just showing you're no better than Trump himself.
  • While this isn't the phrase I'm referring to for the next section, I do have to note that saying, "If [so & so] wins the election, I'm moving to Canada!" is the most cliché thing I can hear someone say. Honestly, it sounds less like you're "dodging the draft" & more like running away from your problems. I will also say, "Then move to Canada, dammit!" Besides, I really doubt 95% of the people who say that, including celebrities, will actually go through with it.

Now to move on to a certain phrase.
There's a phrase that goes around when a reboot or a different take of a franchise is done. I've seen it happened with that Ghostbusters reboot (that I don't even want to bring up due to the divisiveness of the topic but I have to for this). I did a digital VUDU rental of it since I just wanted to get the movie out of my system. I also got my friend & his roommate (whose a woman, for your information, since the big conflict with the reboot was a gender thing) to watch it with me. I actually went into it expecting mediocre & forgettable. All three of us ended up thinking it was a piece of crap! There are things I hated about this reboot but the most annoying thing wasn't actually the movie itself but what my friend said in regards to finding it a piece of crap.

"It ruined my childhood!" or "It ruined an aspect of my childhood!"

This is just making me want to slam my head on my computer desk. This has become the most cliché phrase next to, 'If [so-&-so] wins the election, I'm moving the Canada!' It's also obnoxious to boot.

It was a crappy movie! It was a crappy reboot! My DVDs of the first two Ghostbusters movie are still there & I can still watch them! The crappy reboot movie did not ruin anyone's childhood. Using that phrase just makes you sound like a petty, whiny crybaby! You make it sound like your mommy or daddy abused you as a child when you say a crappy reboot ruined your childhood! In fact, you make it sound like a kid getting abused by one of their parent is trivial while a crappy reboot is so traumatizing. You also make it sound like the people behind it went back in time & did everything they could to not interact with the property (destroy the merchandise, convince parents to not let you consume it, and other things)!

We go to the Michael Bay Transformers movie since I remember a more insensitive version of the phrase to the point that I saw a shirt with the Autobot insignia shedding a tear that had this phrase on it back at San Diego Comic Con 2007. Yeah, "Michael Bay raped my childhood!" I find it hard to believe that Michael Bay traveled back in time & molested you as a child. If he actually did rape your childhood, I think it wouldn't be in relations to Transformers anyway (Yes, this is just towards the older generation). (Besides, Michael Bay would do anything for love but he won't do that. Yes, I had to get that reference in there.)

Look, I can't say I'm above political incorrectness. That being said, I do think something like "Ruin my childhood" is just idiotic in general. You know what? I'm just not going to acknowledge that Ghostbusters reboot & go back to watching the original. Actually, I meant the 1984 movie & not some 70s TV show unrelated to the people I'm gonna call if there's something strange in the neighborhood.

I won't make anymore blog posts here for the rest of the year...except the Christmas stuff.


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