EVO 2013.

Jul. 17th, 2013 02:10 am
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Just before Comic Con starts kicking around, I figure I should write out my time at EVO 2013.

Things I will say beforehand:
*Since the tournament was being held at the Paris resort, I was trying to resist the temptation to listen to Mihata no Motoni (the theme song of Sakura Wars 3 and the Paris Assault Force) just because of its Paris theme. I failed because I had the theme song stuck in my head on the way to Las Vegas. Then when it came to scouting the resort, I ended up listening to it while doing so.
*Hotel TV ended up winning this time. Yeah, there was a nice TV in the room I was staying in but I couldn't get the PS3 going on it. Note to self, bring a monitor next time. A power surge will certainly be helpful too.
*Streetpasses and I really see a lot of people playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Enough that I was checking them while sitting and waiting for the KI panel to start and Ken Lobb asked if I was playing Animal Crossing (and that's the same Ken Lobb that got a gun named after him in Goldeneye on Nintendo 64). Oh, and I did see plenty of people were playing Project X Zone.
*Speaking of Streetpassing, my Streetpass greeting was, "When's Marvel?" Got personal responses like, "When's MH (Monster Hunter)?", text-style thumbs up, and an actual answer of, "Now."
*After EVO was over, something happened with someone but I rather not bring it up.

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