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I have been wanting to write out my Tales history for some time (well, it's supposed to be the series' 20th anniversary when I started writing this). I will not be holding back on writing this. I'm writing as much as I can in this, even if it show some elements that may not put me in a good light. So, here's my history with the Tales series.

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After all the headaches from it being delayed, I finally got the figure of Tales of Vesperia's pink haired princess.


Took long enough for this to get released. It's hectic having to be prepared to cough up the money only for it to be delayed. But now, I have the Estelle figure.

Now, I leave you with a couple of other pics. One before setting up her gear, another after, and where the figure's going to be.

I'm probably going to do some rearranging but she'll be near my Sakura Wars figures (not like she can jump in that Koubu anyway).

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So, I remember that around this time in September, both Pokémon Red/Blue and Tales of Destiny showed up in North America 15 years ago. Yeah, it's been that long.

I actually remember being 12 and actually going to a Toys R Us on Pokémon Red/Blue's release day and getting the Red version. Usually, back then, you would have to grab a ticket for the game, pay for it, and hand it over to the stock room. Well, not that time, I actually had the game in my hand before needing to pay for it. Pokémon was just starting off at that time and have yet to really explode until some months have passed. It was just some no name at the time and there I was getting the original game on release day.

I wouldn't even know Tales of Destiny was released in North America at the same time as Pokémon Red/Blue until years later. I mean, I would only really had my true first encounter with the Tales series 4 months after that (January 1999) and got myself really addicted to Tales of Destiny at that time. By then Pokémon ended up exploding, while Tales of Destiny would still be some obscure RPG and I wouldn't encounter the series again until 2 years later with Tales of Eternia, while I was still hanging around Pokémon.

Man, it feels like I've been around the block for both of those series.
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So, I did a second playthrough of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and finished it two nights ago.

Just so I say, I still do not think it's the piece of crap people make it out to be. Yes, it has problems but it was still playable and I still enjoyed it. Also, no, I do not hate Emil or Marta and I actually do enjoy the story. I still stand by what I say that I rather play this game than Tales of Legendia. It's been five years since I did a playthrough of the game and my stance hasn't changed.

Now, I do hear that this wasn't a necessary sequel. Then again, was it really necessary for Tales of Symphonia to have vague connections to Tales of Phantasia? Just sayin'. I have heard that just having Symphonia connected to Phantasia has caused some plotholes itself but I'll have to go back and do some research on that again. Probably why I even brought that up. Not only that, if people ended up playing Tales of Destiny 2 after an accessible fan translation comes out, I have to wonder how many people will say that was an unnecessary sequel?

This is just a quickie I did. Yeah, this is not going to look good on me.

(Yes, this is cross-posted with my Tumblr).
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Man, I never thought the box would be this huge, even knowing there was a figure inside.

I'm an hour in and I will say that I like it (particularly more than Tales of Graces F). I'm not going to act like it's something to write home about (well, at least not yet. I rather not be so swallowed up by the hype).

I guess I should just admit that I do have the equivalent of a complicated relationship with the Tales series. There are times that I can love it (Tales of Phantasia, despite how old it is, Tales of Symphonia, while not my favorite, I can give some props to that game) and there are times I end up having a hard time loving the series (can be uninspired sometimes, its fanbase, and Tales of Legendia).

(No, I don't plan to put Jude in the Cless costume. Besides, I already wore one.)
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So, I finished up my not-so-simultaneous playthroughs of Resident Evil Code Veronica. One on Dreamcast and one on PS3 (CVX). While it's not my favorite game in the series, it's still good and I'm actually glad I bought a physical, Dreamcast copy of the game.

With that out of the way, I'm wanting to do a special playthrough of a certain game that was originally released in Japan at the end of August 2003, doing it early for its tenth anniversary. It may fly over your head but honestly, considering this is the most well known game in the series, it shouldn't really be hard to figure out.

Seriously, I'll let the game's intro movie set it up.

There's a reason I linked to the intro there. )
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So, I'm pretty much done with my playthrough of Tales of Phantasia PS1 some days ago. I'll say this right now. I still love it! Now, I will say that before this playthrough, I have been struggling with the idea that I'm a Tales vet that never moved on from Tales of Phantasia.

The things that got me into a mindset before I started. )

Yet, I really wasn't that cynical. )
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I was torn between using my default Sakura pic or my Mint pic but considering what I'm posting about, Mint feels more appropriate.

Well, I'll let this start it off.

So, I actually did start it and I'm playing it when I'm not working on Halo 4 or something. The same PS1 I used to run my import PS1 Tales of Phantasia is now running the one English fan translation of the game I waited 10 years for (yeah, I skipped the other one).

Yeah, you can tell me how certain, later Tales casts and story are so much better due to depth and all that other stuff. Maybe I can't give a good reason why I would choose Phantasia over, say, Abyss. It'll feel as futile as trying to justify the story in a James Bond movie (yeah, I probably said that because I just happen to have a James Bond game sitting in that Nintendo 64 of mine). The truth of the matter is that Tales of Phantasia still matters to me. Estelle will still have to deal with being tied with Mint as a favorite girl in the Tales series (and Arche being behind her) and I still think highly of Cless Alvein.

I'm glad I haven't grown cynical to the point that I can't enjoy this. I guess that scene where Mint brings a blanket to a Cless sleeping on the ground and covers him up still warms my heart.
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I've beaten Tales of Graces F. Yeah, took me 2-3 months to finish it. So, how was it?

It was just good. Not good to the point it was worth the fans' temper tantrums that they threw at Namco to localize it (Then again, I will never say it's worth throwing a temper tantrum to get any game localized). Just good.

Commenting on Tales of Graces F. )
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I do have other things I want to post about here but, I figure I should make a quickie with this one due to some Tales announcement from Tales of Festival.

Tales of Xillia 2.  Yeah.  I have said I wasn't able to get hyped up with the first one.  Being that this is an actual sequel...yeah, I'm having a, "meh" moment.

Looks like Tales has its equivalent of Final Fantasy XIII.  Both were criticized for its rushed feel to it and got direct sequels.

Then again, I think the only thing I would care about from this Tales Festival is that they're apparently making an Estelle PVC figure.  It's about time, I say!  I've been wanting one!  At least I won't have to worry about that coming out any time soon.  (Mainly because I actually put a preorder down for that Sakura Shinguji Nendoroid figure coming out late August and that's the only figure I want to worry about right now.)
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So, a certain game is out today.  The question is, "Do I care?"

Yes, I do.  Again, I give a damn.  Just not in the "obnoxious fanboy level" amount of caring.  I'm buying it because I want to play it.  Not to guarantee a future for the series (If I did, I would have Tales of the Abyss 3DS).

Actually, the game is pretty good.  I'm keeping my expectations at a moderate level, so I'm doing good.
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