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I've beaten all the campaigns in Resident Evil 6. Considering the game have been getting a very polarizing reception, I just wanted to get some thoughts down.

Before I start, I figure I'll get the big point out of the way...I liked Resident Evil 6.

Yeah, I end up in the camp that liked it. Even though I say that, I will also say that I am not oblivious to its flaws. The camera is awful, the controls are awkward, and the game does have an identity crisis (it can't focus on what kind of game it wants to be). I also do think plenty of the quick time events aren't implemented too well. That being said, I ended up enjoying it after it was all done.

Leon's campaign was the strongest of the three since it did capture some of the element of Resident Evil 4. Then again, I'll probably admit Leon Kennedy is my favorite character in the Resident Evil series. Jake's campaign was the next one and the monster that's always pursuing him and Sherry was close to feeling like the time I dealt with Nemesis in RE3 (specifically in chapter 2, where I had to get out of the area without being detected). Chris's campaign was probably the most forgettable since it did try to being more of a shooter, yet the ammo weren't really enough (then again, with Leon's campaign, I also did feel like, at times, I was supposed to play more like the older RE games, yet seem to insist on killing every zombie). No comment on Ada, though it was interesting.

Mercenaries mode is still a blast and Jake is my new favorite (he's so top tier, like that father of his that doesn't want to pay for child support).

So, to put it this way, it's not a bad game. However, it is pretty rough (especially from the identity crisis problem, causing a loss in focus). I don't regret the day 1 purchase, but I will say this is a game better off waiting for a price drop due to how rough the game is. (I know that ain't going to make me look good, saying RE6 is just good).
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So, I saw reviews come out for Resident Evil 6 and, on a general scale, it's been getting mixed reviews. I know Destructoid gave it 3 out of 10, and Gamespot gave it a 4.5 out of 10. On the other hand, I know Gametrailers gave it an 8.8, while IGN gave it a 7.9 out of 10.

The one thing I at least find consistent is that the series seems to struggle in what direction to go or finding a middle ground. Again, there's the older Resident Evil fans that wants them to go back to the roots, which means back to fixed camera angles combined with tank controls (which I will say, "That's not going to help either".). While I only skimmed them, IGN seems to have the one that sounded the most reasonable in criticism (despite that I completely know about the old saying that, "You can't spell ignorant without IGN.") I will say that if RE6 does end up being underwhelming, I still don't think going back to the old style is really the answer (After all, I'll point out Resident Evil 0 was a game that showed that even older style games were not immune to being underwhelming). I'll say that Resident Evil: Revelations might be the game to get inspirations from. That, or this might be a lesson in sticking with your own vision. It is sounding like it was trying to please everyone but ended up pleasing no one.

Well, I don't plan to pick it up at midnight tonight, so I'm going to look into it the following day. Seems like Resident Evil got itself cornered like a survivor backed against a wall, surrounded by zombies. Then again, I did buy that Splatterhouse 2010 reboot game, which critics gave bad reviews to, only for me to find that it was an okay game (in the good sense). It's probably why I'm not backing away from this.

I'll go ahead and talk about it as I play (not sure if I'll do blog posts while playing through it but I will make a blog post on my final verdict).
Now there's a certain Capcom game from the previous generation that I also wanted to talk about here (due to a little something), but I'll save that for the next entry.
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I see a couple of Resident Evil-related stuff come out in the last 24 hours.

First off was the demo to Resident Evil Revelations.  This one has elements from the older RE games in it (where ammo is very scarce) while still keeping elements of the newer ones (RE4 and RE5).  It was a short demo but it certainly convince me that it is one of my "must have" for 3DS.

Not only that, Resident Evil 6 has been announced.  They managed to get me excited for it just from the trailers.  I've even noticed some little details ("Was that Ashley from Resident Evil 4 helping Leon at one point?  Does this mean that she'll end up redeeming herself to the haters?").  Interesting enough, it's coming this year.  If you want to go along with the supposed end of the world, it's about a month before that (November 20, 2012).  Of course, I don't believe in that end of the world conspiracy theory.  I just make jokes about it.

I probably should get back to replaying Code Veronica, though.


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