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Now for another batch of unpopular opinions, I'm aiming at a genre I tend to get my competitiveness going...fighting games. Currently not much compared to unpopular Tales opinions but here we go.

*I do not think Super Smash Bros. Melee is the be all, end all Smash Bros (or fighting games for that matter). You can shove your statistics of EVO 2013 stream viewership or brag about how deep the mechanics it is but that does not mean I say it's the be all, end all of fighting games. I'll say this, even when I claim that Brawl sucks! (Super Smash Bros)

*I may have played as Roy in Melee but I am not sadden by the fact that he was cut from Brawl. I know his inclusion in Melee was merely an ad space and nothing more. (And I know some Fire Emblem fanatics will come and point out to me that Roy was a bad lord gameplay wise) (Super Smash Bros)

*Playstation All-Stars Battle Battle Royale is a pretty good game. (I think I'll let this person do the defending for me, though.)

*Seth in Street Fighter IV is not that cheap of a boss! Honestly, I still suffer more against an SNK Boss than I do Seth. (Street Fighter)

*Even taking X-Factor into consideration for MvC3, I do not think MvC2 is any less broken than either MvC3. The series has always been broken! (Marvel Vs Capcom)

*I never wanted a Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter crossover, even as a kid. In fact, I still have a hard time understanding the idea's appeal (even when I think of it as competition in the genre).


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