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So, here I am, trying to write a blog entry about how I feel like an idiot because I feel like I can't analyze correctly. It was going to get into criticizing and how I feel oblivious to things but I think the most touchy of subject is the biggest thing that's making me lose my mind & it does go in relations to my obliviousness in criticizing.

I'm talking about politics.

Yeah, my senior year in high school was drilled into my head about how important it is to follow it. Ironically, it's this year's election that ended up being severely demotivating to point that I can't care about politics anymore. When I think about it, it's politics that made not care about politics anymore. Whenever I'm absorbing info on political stuff, I find myself just getting angry more & more.

Honestly, I don't even trust politicians. In fact, I remember something that was said to me. It was that it's a politician's job to lie. Oh, don't get me wrong. I do think a certain Republican who shall remain nameless should just go to Hell. That still doesn't mean I trust any other politician. Even when my friend goes trying to tell me I can trust that one Democrat people like to hype up, I still don't trust him. Not to mention, it feels like people like shoving their support of him into faces (let's just say in this regard, I have a combination of a critic buzzword I rather limit my use on & political incorrectness to describe my feelings about the whole thing. I'm just not ready to say it.).

I don't want to go latching onto something one say so easily, yet it's feeling like I should just screw being skeptic and latch onto it right away. In all seriousness, I actually feel like I'm nothing more than some liberal's puppet to use for their agenda. I think my mental well being is deteriorating because people act like it's the end of the world and I should be like that too! It sounds more like they want to encourage me to bring out my ugly, violent side. Oh yeah, I should totally beat up the next Republican that crosses my path because they are what's wrong with society (especially if they support that Republican that shall remain nameless). Screw the saying, "Two wrongs don't make a right!" Let's not forget, you are not entitled to your opinion! (Geez, I still think those last three sentences makes me sound psychotic, even if it was sarcasm).

I just needed that off my chest. Well, I'm still going to be voting, even if it's just to continue being able to say how much I don't trust politicians. Following politics is starting to feel like it's bad for my mental health.


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