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I'll put it this way. Yes, Sony won this E3, but only because they made us eat crow by announcing a vaporware, a remake, & a kickstarter. In other words, The Last Guardian, a Final Fantasy VII remake, and kickstarting Shenmue III. Outside of that, I was pretty meh with Sony's press conference & Nintendo's was also meh but at least there was some interesting game. Microsoft, I'll just skip that one just because. Otherwise, I just say this E3 was...okay.

Now, just because Sony won doesn't mean I actually want to buy a PS4 now. I'm not really interested in Star Ocean or Nier so that's not selling it to me. (I played two previous installments of the former and didn't care much for them while the latter is something I may have cared for if I gave more time but didn't care to at the time)

Of course, a lot of it is because I have been more embracing of PC gaming as of late. I've been seeing the games that would get me to buy a console has been going PC.

Just to go down the games I'm wanting but got (or going to have) PC ports:
*Dead Rising 3. This one was originally for Xbox One but got a PC port. I'll be missing out on that particular DLC with the parody name (Super Ultra blah blah blah you get the idea), but the game itself is on PC, so yeah.
*Street Fighter V. This is supposed to be a PS4 exclusive...but it's also going to have a PC version & have cross-platform online matchmaking, so nothing to worry about there.
*Tales of Zestiria. Now, this is originally a PS3 game but there was some leaks that teased a Steam & PS4 version. They became true and...I actually want to support the Steam release since I've been wishing to see Tales games get PC version for some time (and this is the person that used the M. Bison, "Yes, yes" clip as a reaction to Tales of Zestiria Steam version. Let that sink in.). If I end up buying a physical version, it's just going to be a PS3 version but I'm putting more emphasis on buying the Steam version.
*Killer Instinct 2013. After Dead Rising 3 got a PC version, this was the last holdover from Xbox One I really wanted to play. Maybe it was a far-fetched wish to see Killer Instinct 2013 get the PC version but since I was hearing Microsoft wanting to make a comeback on PC gaming, I figured this may be in the cards...and it was. This is a fighting game I really want to play but couldn't settle on getting a new console (that wasn't Wii U). This got announced at a PC game show segment of E3 and I couldn't be any happier over it. Best of all, I don't have to worry about buying a new arcade stick specifically for Xbox One since I can still use the Xbox 360 sticks I have for the system.

Bonus point (Not something on the wishlist but happy nonetheless):
*Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Okay, so I have played the original game on Xbox 360. There was a PC version released but Games for Windows Live being put in limbo isn't going to make it easy for me to play that one. This remastering for Xbox One is going to have a PC version, so now I can still get a chance to play the PC version to see the cut content from the 360 version.

So the thing I got out of E3 is...I still have yet to decide to get a new console since I've been embracing PC gaming. Maybe in a year or two but I'm certainly more focus on upgrading my computer (besides, there's only one place I want to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and that's on a computer with a keyboard & mouse).

I guess if it is something I get out of this, despite being merely okay, it was the E3 that made me eat crow.


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