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I'll probably admit that this year was where I feel the most exhausted. There's more to that but let's just talk about my experience.

No preview night this time, so let's go into Thursday. Also, I need to do maintenance to my Cless costume, so no costume this year.

Thursday was what I call, "Keeping an eye on the clock." I was focused on making sure I was in line for the Angry Video Game Nerd movie. The only thing I did was get the first volume of my Scott Pilgrim graphic novel sign by the guy who wrote it. This was also when I ended buying the first of the Eevee evolution plushies (or as I call it, my Eevee Army. Sylveon & Leafeon came first). I ended up just playing a session of Ultra Street Fighter IV & also went to the SDTekken game room for some Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.I did go to the Nintendo booth & the Nintendo lounge to play the new Super Smash Bros.

At 5 PM, I got in line for the Angry Video Game Nerd movie. It was a long wait & it doesn't help that there were also other special movie showings there (Hercules & Maze Runner). Well, at least it wasn't too boring. There were people getting excited Dwayne Johnson (or, as you may remember him from the Attitude Era of WWF/WWE, The Rock) came out of the theater to get into a car. Yeah, one of those random celebrity spotting.

Getting inside, there was entertaining moments with other people watching the movie. When it came to someone remembering to silent the cell phones, I then remark, "Yeah, otherwise, we'd be the subject of the next, 'You Know What's BS?'" There was someone dressed as Mega Man at the showing and was being in character, remarking how, "The theater don't sell E-Tanks" while he was bringing in his popcorn and drink. I even asked him if he shot any Super Mario Bros. 3 cartridges lately because I heard they were demonic (This is the version of the episode released on DVD that omitted the review of The Wizard. Used this version since I just wanted to cut to the chase in regards to the reference).

For the movie itself, I'm not going to get into details about stuff in the movie because of the plot twist in regards to the urban legend of the E.T. game and the landfill. I will also not say anything in regards to what he say about the infamous E.T. game (though if you have read interviews with James answering what he thought about E.T. when not in character, you got a pretty good idea where his E.T. review is heading). I will say that it is a very entertaining movie & crowdfunding well spent. After the movie, there was a Q&A with James Rolfe, answering questions like stuff in regards to licensing (Having to clear legal stuff with Atari...twice due to Atari ownership changing hands to show actual Atari games. Also the reason why E.T. had to be shown & reference in parody form because E.T. rights had to be cleared through Spielburg, which he wasn't able to) to James's thoughts on the Atari documentary, including the E.T. landfill dig (James said he would have been at the dig but since it happened the same day as his daughter's first birthday, family came first). The autograph session afterward was so crowded that I just left rather than trying to get one. Though this won't be the last time I see James Rolfe during Comic Con.

On Friday, I bought an Umbrella umbrella at the Capcom booth. I also wanted the Dead Rising 2 poker set but when I got to the register, they already sold off the last one not long after I got there. I also bought a Glaceon & Eevee plushie.

I went to the Bandai Namco Fighting Game Panel. It was just small information in regards to Rise of Incarnates & Tekken 7. Rise of Incarnates having a beta in August & story elements in Tekken 7 where this will be the conclusion of the Mishima saga.

Later on, I prepared to head to a panel about the Atari documentary. Since there wasn't a line, I actually sat in for the Battlefield: Hardline panel taking place before it in the room. Most amusing moment was a kid asking a question during the Q & A and the developer making a snarky question of, "You do know this game is rated M, right?" but did go back to being serious and answering his question.

Afterwards, the Atari documentary panel starts and also talks about the E.T. Landfill urban legend & the dig that took place during . They also talk about how the movie dives into how the gaming industry worked back in the 80s. Beforehand, I did keep a question in mind and I do note it was going to be one of those hard question. I did get to ask it. I basically asked about if the digging of the landfill was a necessary thing to do to contribute to the whole facts & history of the E.T. game & the burying of the games. The producer did understand my question was one of those hard ones to express that after the panel, he did ask me if that's what my question was about, which I confirm since, "There's hard fact out there with the landfill, so why the denials?" The whole conspiracy is a topic that's going to be talked about in the movie. While I didn't attend this showing, they did have an early version of the movie to show, which funny enough, was at the same theater as the one I saw the AVGN movie at the previous night. It's as James Rolfe said: This year was seriously about the E.T. game urban legend.

I wasn't enough of a masochist to watch crappy cartoons this year, so I went back to my sister's place to rest.

I did not go to any panels during the day on Saturday. I just bought an Espeon & Umbreon plushie and had more time at the SDTekken game room. At the Nintendo lounge, I did play Bayonetta 2.

For Saturday night, I did something different. Instead of watching the masquerade, I went to the Troma Entertainment panel. Two reasons for it. 1. Knowing more about the studio. 2. James Rolfe was part of the panel (He did have Lloyd Kaufman guest star in an AVGN episode). I learned about their independent studio & independence pride. Of course, there's knowing about the studio's low brow B-Movies. After the panel, I was able to do something that I didn't back at the AVGN movie screening. I got to meet James Rolfe up close, shake his hand, and have him sign the back of my badge.

On Sunday, I sat in the panel for Teen Titans GO & Lego Batman 3, which were back to back in the same room. After that, I spent the last hour playing Super Smash Bros. on 3DS & Wii U.

Cosplay Photos:
*Karate Kid group of crane kick Daniel-san (yes, for this case, I had to do the honorific stuff), Johnny from Cobra Kai (Sweep the legs!), and Mr. Miyagi catching flies with chopsticks.
*Orchid from Killer Instinct (the modern Xbox One rendition).
*Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening.
*Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-it Ralph...with the car. She went one step further.
*Cookie Monster was lied to by a T-Shirt. The Dark Side has no cookies. (But then again, didn't I hear Cookie Monster say he was cutting down on cookies? Okay, maybe he didn't have regret but whatever.)
*Rick from Splatterhouse.
*Mordecai & Rigby from Regular Show.

Autograph Photos:
*Tales of the Abyss deja vu autograph. (PS2 version signed back in 2010. 3DS version signed this year)
*Souvenir book signed by Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt.
*James Rolfe signed the back of my badge.

Other Photos:
*Official Kirby suit. (And me with it)
*Now they're using Marvel character to tell me about my sins and how I'm going to hell?
*Umbrella umbrella (And in its carrying case). Yes, I know opening an umbrella inside is bad luck. I don't care!
*My Eevee plushie army! (Gen 1 & 2 w/N64 with KI Gold, Pokémon Stadium 2)

Other comments:
*I played as Greninja, Mega Man, & Little Mac in the Smash Bros. demo. I'm feeling very comfortable with Greninja.
*I was thinking of getting the Power Rangers Legendary Key set but since I had to wait in line for a ticket in order to buy it, I decided to forget it.
*I met Blake Foster, who was Justin/Blue Turbo Power Rangers (and was known as that kid Power Ranger) in a booth promoting Power Morphincon. I did mention I was aware his character was hated because he was a kid. He did remark on my hair being like Justin and another fan was pretty much saying I'm Justin all grown up (disregarding Blake Foster staying there with me).
*While wearing my Rocket Raccoon shirt (the yellow one I got from EVO 2013), many people commented on the shirt. Even Yuri Lowenthal commented on it while I was getting my Tales of the Abyss 3DS version signed.
*It's hard to know if there's a chance that certain people will do autographs since I don't know what will happen. I'll admit it right now, there's something I would like Laura Bailey to sign. Tales of Graces f? No, not that one. Dawn of the New World? Look, I do like the game (even if I end up feeling like crap for not thinking the contrary) but it's not that one. I would actually like to get her to sign my Sakura Wars V but this shows that's bound to be a hard thing to do.

While I'm still talking about Sakura Wars, I want to mention that the costume I've been thinking of doing after Cless was Shinjiro Taiga's battle uniform from Sakura Wars V to go along with when I'm not wearing the Cless costume. Well, it would be fitting for next year, considering the fifth game will be 10 years old while Tales will be 20.

I'm having to plan out for next year. Now, if you excuse me, I'm still feeling exhausted.


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