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Okay, yes, I was feeling exhausted during parts of Comic Con 2016 (well, Friday in particular). Held this off because of that (yeah, a week afterward), despite not having much detail to give out, hence why this is the short route.

I went to the Street Fighter panel. Yeah, I know. Street Fighter V had a troubled launch (they even said it). The internet said enough about it that I'm not willing to get into that (even if I have some criticism on it). This one just talks about their upcoming figures, merchandise, showing off SFV Juri, & other things. Street Fighter board game? Maybe it'll be better than that...Street Fighter II board game.

Afterwards, I just went around the exhibit hall & even went to SDTekken's game room to play Tekken 7, specifically, see how Akuma plays in a Tekken setting. Well, it's certainly interesting seeing a Street Fighter character playing in a Tekken setting.

Before the day was over, I did look into a wig for my Cless costume. I would have to see a particular shipped over for tomorrow. Come back to that one.

I dressed up as Cless Alvein for this day. In hindsight, I really should have saved it for Saturday. I felt hot & somehow got myself feeling sleepy too. Also, minor hiccups with it. I did go & buy that wig I was checking out, though.

I only really got to see Bandai Namco's Fighting game panel, where they talked about animating Akuma in Tekken 7 (because, according to Harada, 'Capcom is cheap and didn't give them materials to work with'). Also, there was an appearance by Eric Jacobus, talking about Tekken inspiring him & his videos of him reenacting the moves of the fighters from the series. Oh yeah, about a new Soul Calibur? You're going to have to bug the official Soul Calibur account in regards to that. Just don't bug the personal staff accounts.

Heat & drowsiness. It's a pain & thus, didn't get to do much. I did encounter an old friend. Other than that, it got to me that I went home after the day was done. It would have been nice if I stayed around for the Batman: Killing Joke premiere but the toll was getting to me that I needed to retire for the day.

(Side note: Someone thought I was Ike from Fire Emblem when dressed as Cless Alvein. Honestly, I thought I was done being mistaken for a Fire Emblem character after retiring Leon Magnus. For the record, wearing the Cless costume in 2013, I was mistaken for Thor. Now what? What Tales characters will get mistaken for a Fire Emblem character? *shrugs*)

No panels on this day. Though this was where I did most of my purchases. I ended up buying a plushie of a Celebi & of a moogle. Also got an autograph from two Power Rangers (& one photo with one).

Usually, I'm not really out there photographing Pokémon costumes but somehow, the Celebi I bought got me wanting to do photos with it that I ran with it (the plushie somewhat-literally & the idea of photographing Pokémon with my Celebi plush).

Idiotic moment on this day: After resting at an area, I ended up walking off, only to realize I forgot my Power Rangers autographs. Rushed back there. Luckily, I was able to retrieve them!

Amusing moment related to above: Rushing by a couple of Spider-men. One was asking me if something's wrong, I mentioned I forgot something. I was running with my Celebi plush in arm & in the open, one of them said, "Run, and hold onto Celebi!"

That night was the masquerade. The emcee did reference needing to get this over with so we can all go back to catching those Pokémon. My response was, "I have a Celebi sitting next to me!"

I'll just list off the noteworthy ones for me:
*Guardians of the Galaxy musical.
*Labyrinth ballroom dance.
*Something about a dark Alice.
*A mash up of Bob's Burger/Star Wars/Rick & Morty? (No, really)
*Someone being Rey & Kylo Ren...that went into a marriage proposal? (I still couldn't tell if the proposal was the OOC real deal).
*Looney Tunes featuring that monster that's completely covered in red hair/fur (Don't remember its name).
*Guyver: Dark Hero.

Pretty much, my day was at the outside South Park display (with a ton of photos with it). I was still running around with the Celebi plush from the previous day. I did see people dressed as Team Rocket. It was a missed opportunity of silly shenanigans with my Celebi plush (even just joking around where I was hiding it and saying something like, "I don't see any legendary Pokémon around!").

The last panel I went to was a crash course in the retro gaming topic. It was entertaining. Of course, I have some of my issues when it comes to nostalgia (I mean, I seem to have it hanging around when it comes to me & the fact the one Tales game I love is Tales of Phantasia, which gets me feeling like I should be moving from that "outdated" installment). I feel like I just have to make sure I know the difference between respecting retro & retro that's just pandering (mostly, I can't help but feel it's the latter).

Comments (Starting with this first instead):
*So many people dressed as Ash & Misty from Pokémon. It's either because of the franchise's 20th anniversary, the obsession with Pokémon GO (and I'll confess I'm one of those "sheeps" playing it here & there), or both. Well, I was being very selective of which Pokémon costumes I photograph.
*Not a costume thing, but I'm really noticing so many T-shirts that spoof the Super Mario Bros. 3 box art. My Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Rocket Raccoon shirt would feel so derivative these days (at least that one had an actual raccoon to spoof Raccoon Mario but I digress)
*Time for another tune up on the Cless Alvein costume. (Also, save this costume for the Saturday show after tune up).
*I feel like for the non-Saturday show, do a costume that's easier to wear. (I got an idea of one but let's just say replaying Tales of Xillia & its sequel will determine if I'll be fine going through with it. Of course, it'll be leading more towards something seen in the sequel)
*I was actually hoping a trailer for that Power Rangers reboot movie would drop, since I feel so worried this is going to go wrong. Guess I'll have to keep tabs on PowerMorphincon news August 12-14, among other Power Rangers stuff I want to hear.
*Heat & fatigue. Ugh!

Costume pictures:
*Misty with a Togepi, Ash's hat...and my Celebi (2) (well, Misty did encounter a Celebi in the fourth movie)
*Officer Jenny with my Celebi (2)
*Red (Hey, I'm doing these names right!)
*Ash (Forgetting which version this is. X/Y?)
*Street Fighter V Nash
*Obligated(?) Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers pic.
*JJ...talking about that so-called menace known as Spider-man (actually, Spider-men) walking around Comic Con.

Pictures of stuff I got:
*Moogle & Celebi plushie
*Power Rangers autograph: Walter Jones (Nostalgia says no introduction needed on who he is) & Tracy Lynn Cruz (Yellow Turbo & Space Power Ranger).

Misc pics:
*Me, Celebi, & a Pokéball display.
*Me & Tracy Lynn Cruz (2)
*Celebi, seated for the masquerade broadcast.
*South Park Display samples.
  -"I'm having a meltdown & need these PCs' safe space!"
  -I'm required to fart on Terrance & Philip!
  -Yeah, this does not look right.
*Rest of them in the album here (Password: flaming) (Also applies to the sub album) (Why has that password been my running gag for limited album access? Must be leftover from my Family Guy interest...and their manatee jokes)
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