EVO 2014.

Jul. 15th, 2014 02:20 pm
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Now that I'm back from Las Vegas and settled in, I'm going to write up my experience this year.

What ended up being different this time was that I actually got the meet [personal profile] tyrov, his brother, and one other friend. After so much online interaction, it was great to finally see them in person.
My pools:
I was able to win a match before getting eliminated. I was actually asked to be on stream for my second match. I accepted, knowing what I was getting myself into.

*Ultra Street Fighter IV
I didn't do well and I know that my Decapre needs improvements (and my first match was against another Decapre).

*King of Fighters XIII
I did horrible. I really want to learn this but I have a hard time putting in the time in it.

*Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Okay, I had a major screw up on this one. I misread my schedule thinking I could go back to my room to rest up before I had to play. I thought my pool was at Noon on Saturday but it was actually at 10AM. Because of that, I missed my pool.
The only panel I attended this year was the Street Fighter panel to hear updates on it. Ultra Street Fighter IV will have Edition Select playable online and how they handle balancing.

I was able to get some private sessions of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 with Tyrov & co, showing what I was able to pull off with my team of Ghost Rider, Phoenix Wright, and Firebrand. Though because my sister forgot her monitor, I had to ask Tyrov for a favor and see if he came bring his since he was coming later than my sister and me.

The indie section, I did play Towerfall Ascension. I do own the game on Steam but this is when I actually got to play with four people together and see some great action here.

As for non-EVO stuff, I did visit the other area. In fact, I ended up having lunch at the Harvey Davidson cafe. It was for sentimental reasons since I ate there 10 years ago, the first time I stepped foot in Las Vegas during a family road trip. I did not watch the Melee finals because of that. Then again, I wasn't really interested in watching that. (I've been hearing counters to the "When's Marvel?" remarks with, "Screw Marvel, when's Smash?" & "When's Marvel over?" I can't help but feel like I'm going to be one of those, "When's Smash over?" people. Okay, I'm just so sick of Melee and I only really want to play Project M right now if we're going to do Smash).

I watched the finals for Killer Instinct, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, & Ultra Street Fighter IV. To describe my UMvC3 thing in pro wrestling terms, I now look at Chris G like a heel because of how infamous his team is. I won't deny he knows how to play the game, but the team (particularly Morrigan) is pretty annoying, hence the infamous reputation. Of course, it didn't stop Justin Wong from winning the whole thing. Ultra Street Fighter IV, I actually wanted to see Luffy's Rose take it and he did.
Note worthy moments:

*Kana Ueda (JP voice of Rachel Alucard from Blazblue) was there to sign autographs. Hearing from Tyrov's brother, I heard the consensus of that line was that they ditched their Blazblue pool to get the autograph while also using the excuse of, "I was going to get my butt kicked anyway.

*Tekken 7 announcement was leaked ahead of time. Harada was self-aware of the situation, having to get a trailer ready on such quick notice. Oh, and he decided to blame the leak on Ono.
Finals stage, as seen during Killer Instinct.
Darkstalkers cereal. I don't even know if they're part of a complete breakfast.
This poster says everything in regards to the most popular shirt.
Towerfall Ascension T-Shirt & Frank West 8-bit...umm, I don't know what to call this.

So, I had a great time! Hopefully, next year, if Tyrov & co comes again, we're both prepared. Now, to get ready for handle the SDCC favors for him.
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