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No, I'm not doing something I'm not supposed to really do when working as a Ghostbuster. I'm actually looking to do streaming.

Right now, I'm just playing what's on my computer and later on I can hopefully buy a capture device when it comes to that. That means my Steam collection, non-Steam PC games, and, as much as I rather be using the actual hardware for the older systems, emulation.

I don't have my Twitch channel spruced up yet. I'm still thinking of pictures (I'm thinking the profile would be a Cless Alvein figure on my Xbox 360 stick). As for what to title it, I'm still thinking of one. If you got a name for my stream channel, I'm taking suggestions. To keep in mind for a name suggestion, I'm not looking to have this channel to be very serious and trying to go big, even if I'm looking to stream something like my ranked matches in fighting games, I want to keep some sort of casual mood to it (meaning I'm not always going to be streaming fighting games) and it's mostly just for those I'm regularly around as a gathering to see me do something.

I got some ideas of what I want to stream from my Steam collection, I do have a listing here for some ideas:

In regards to going the emulation route for the console games I do own.

I found myself thinking that if I'm going to be doing streaming, I'm going to end up streaming Tales of Phantasia PS1 one of those days. I find myself going, "I might as well do it soon rather than later because I know I'm going to do it." There's a good chance you already figured out which fan translation I'm going to use (Phantasian Productions). I'm also going to need to prepare a script for the beginning since I got some things I want to say to set it up.

As for the SNES Power Rangers game, I also find myself wanting to stream that particular movie tie-in game, so I decided that's another one I will do (besides, I've been burying my head in this Power Rangers/Super Sentai & Kamen Rider stuff recently). When I finally do get a capture card, I do intend to stream that Power Rangers game again.

And of course, since I bought the Steam version of Tales of Zestiria, I do have plans to stream that one when it gets released (it is in the Steam collection if you didn't see the link, though it's not out yet).

In regards to when, I find that, unless I state otherwise (like me doing said Tales of Zesitira stream on its NA release date, i.e. on a Tuesday), I pretty much plan it like this:

Friday: In the evening, like 7 PM US Pacific at the latest.
Saturday: In the afternoon, maybe around 2 PM US Pacific.

Of course, it only applies if I announce that I will do a stream on those days.


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