EVO 2015.

Jul. 21st, 2015 12:42 pm
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After getting home Monday, at 7 PM, all tired, I'm going to talk about my EVO 2015 experience.
A summary of my pool results:

*Ultra Street Fighter IV
I played as M. Bison/Dictator. I didn't get to practice some more with Decapre & did practice more with Bison that I went in with him. I ended up against a high level player, so I ended up getting my butt kicked there. With my loser bracket, I did lose too but not without trying.

*Super Smash Bros. Wii U
I have intended to play this tournament with Lucina since that's who I was practicing the most with. Even if I want to play as Ryu (and I do want to main him), he, Roy, & Lucas weren't allowed this time since there's not enough time to see the ins & outs of those three. Well, I lost here too pretty quickly.

*Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
I was actually nervous on this one more, since I have continuously played a team of Ghost Rider, Phoenix Wright, & Firebrand. My actual opponent did give a pep talk (and I was very open about my nervousness & running a low tier team). The match was more of my nervousness vs. his rustiness. I came out the winner of that match (even managing to get a Lv. 3 Hyper Combo with Phoenix Wright, slapping Dr. Doom with a guilty verdict). Before I got eliminated, I ended up with two byes.
I did not get to see any panels this year since my timing were bad, especially since the Street Fighter panel ended up being packed to the point that people were crowding the door going into the room. At least I was able to hear later on about their handling of DLC characters, where you can unlock them just from playing the game or spend actual money to get them immediately. It's a great idea, making me say, "Arc System Works, take notes!" (Seriously, Capcom may have been guilty of the updated rereleases and the most common one reference in regards to this, but Arc System Works was worse with this. *glares at Blazblue: Continuum Shift with DLC, then Continuum Shift Extend with all DLC character available in the game plus one more that was not DLC in the previous version*)

I did see Tyrov & his brother Rumi during my different pools but I was not able to do any casuals with them. Maybe next year.

I only managed to watch the finals to UMvC3, seeing Kane win it not using Vergil, Dr. Doom, or Morrigan, & Ultra Street Fighter IV, seeing Momochi win. Yep, Marvel is having inconsistent results.

Also, there was two moments during the Street Fighter finals:
*Someone stalling in regards to changing characters while also selecting Rolento, getting the crowd to boo the choice, only to back away like he's just kidding. The judge did have to later give a 60 seconds left warning.
*Momochi's stick malfunctioned during the last game in the grand finals. He had to use another stick to finish up the last round of the last game. As mentioned, he did win.
Noteworthy things:
*OMG! It's not one of those hotel TVs, where I can't connect my console to it? I was able to play my 360!
*I didn't actually spot her, but it was mentioned earlier in the year by her that actress Jamie Lee Curtis (of Halloween fame) was taking her son to EVO as a graduation gift. Of course, she was hiding in plain sight because she was dressed as Vega/claw from Street Fighter. Even her whole family dressed up as different characters. I only would know she was Vega because it was trending on social media.
*Yeah, I'm at a place all about fighting games, right? I ended up buying a couple of fan made Tales stuff.
*Outside of the EVO floor, I did eat at Gordon Ramsey Burgr (that spelling is intentional). I found a burnt onion ring in my fries and seeing how they did the menu, I couldn't help but take this photo, making it look like he's screaming, "Are you trying to ruin my f'in reputation?"
*Bring your own console room with someone bringing a Wii in for Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. The game still holds a special place in my heart that I did jump in to play some casual & even cough up $10 to play their side tournament. It's so note worthy how much I got into it, playing it. Since they said they're looking to do it again next year, I'm so in for more.
Things I bought:
*Ultra Street Fighter IV Playstation 3 & Playstation 4 compatible stick. The color scheme is a throwback to the San Diego Comic Con 2009 arcade stick (which I happen to own one of the Xbox 360 ones while my sister's boyfriend owns a Playstation 3 one).
*Parts for a modding project I've been wanting to do with my first PS3 stick. I'm looking to make it a multi-system stick, including retro systems. I have wires for USB connection & PS2. I'm probably going to have to make the Gamecube connection as a DIY project.
*Street Fighter V T-Shirt.
*Dead Rising 3 sledgesaw pen.
*Fan-made Tales bead art of Lloyd Irving & charms of Estelle & Rita.

Photos at my album (password is, again: "flaming"). Show floor, Vegas stuff, & stuff I bought.

Particularly for a revival in playing Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, this is definitely my favorite year (and it's my fifth EVO). Eager to do it again next year.


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