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This one is more of its ups and downs. I think because I was typing this during each night on Google docs and I take some time to post this, let's just get on with the show this time. I'm still doing this stuff.

-Preview Night
This is definitely going to be short since there’s not much to talk about. Well, my sister had comment to me that it feels like the layout and the stuff there is the same.

I got to play Street Fighter V. I did try out M. Bison/Dictator, though I did act like I was still playing Ultra Street Fighter IV, that I tried playing him like it was. Yeah, I need to work on him (I’m pretty sure I can do more of it at EVO too next week). After browsing around the show floor a bit more, I did go back to play the demo to Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster. I didn’t think it was on a timer that I could just take my time but then I asked about it to confirm it was set for 10 minutes. I made a remark thinking the demo would cut off after triggering a boss battle. Saying that I beat the game on Hard mode triggered a pseudo-bet that I accepted (even saying, “I’m using the tank controls). I made it to the event trigger. For my effort, they did get me 2 RE0 posters that they weren’t giving out until the next day (they’re the same picture, just so you know) and were good sports about it. Before the show floor closed, I did buy a Tales of Zestiria rubber strap (Rose was in it) and a Tales key chain-ish charm (of Leon Magnus).

Afterwards, it was back to my sister’s place for the night.

To start off, I went to the Street Fighter V panel to see them announce Ken Masters with a drastically different look & move style to be less similar to Ryu. They also went over the merchandises coming out for it plus some people got to play each other with the winner getting a PS4 with a special Street Fighter V faceplate.

After that panel, I went on a wild goose chase to find where I can cash in the ticket I got from the Street Fighter V panel. I was able to find it to get a poster. Then, I went into the SDTekken room, which got relocated into a different room at a hotel (nonetheless in a room where one side is split for Geek Chic, where they have board games to play, the other the SDTekken room). I did play some Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and got my butt kicked.

Before the floor closed, I bought a couple more Tales of Zestiria rubber strap (Zabida and Mikleo). I was deciding who was going to hang onto which bag, deciding Mikleo will hang on my backpack, then went to the Power Rangers Dino Charge panel.

In the Power Rangers Dino Charge panel, it was an interaction with the cast members & producer, behind the scenes stuff, Q & A, sneak preview into later episodes plus a trailer for next season’s Dino Super Charge (and a reminder how I’m not liking the fact that Nickelodeon has a policy that a show’s only allow to have 20 episodes per season). Also, had some Power Ranger Dino Charge suit people come in to show some new gear on it.

Afterwards, I went home, only to feel like I’m about to pass out.

I dealt with a doctor’s appointment first, then I was going to Friday’s show.

My legs were still hurting from the previous day, so I rested for a good bit. Then I headed to the SDTekken game room. I got to play some Tekken 7 before I head over to the Bandai Namco fighting game panel. They talked about the artwork, introduced artist JBStyle and had him draw newcomer Katarina live while the panel was going on (checking up on his progress now and then). Oh yeah, Ono barged into the panel to promote Street Fighter V. At this point, thanks to Ono’s little class clown-like personality, I now find my personal phrase for him being, “Oh no! It’s Ono!”

Thanks to a couple of guys sitting close to me, I actually decided to stay for the following panel involving Ghostbusters. They talked about storylines in the comic series, crossover in said comic series, a Ghostbusters board game that was kickstarted, and various other things with the franchise.

After that panel, I redeemed a ticket I got from the Bandai Namco panel & got a T-shirt. I was sweating in my current shirt that I decided to go to a bathroom & change to said shirt. Then I went into the Xbox Lounge, messing around with the Rare Replay compilation, tried out Guitar Hero Live, played Mortal Kombat X, and got a couple of foam hands.

I went back into the SDTekken room and I did spot in the board game side (Geek Chic) someone dressed as Ludger from Tales of Xillia & Milla Maxwell in the outfit as seen in Tales of Xillia 2. Only thing was, I didn’t ask for a photo because they looked too busy playing whatever board game they were playing and the Milla was looking to have the need to get out of her costume. Hence, I let them be. Who knows if I’ll encounter them again? If not, oh well.

I finished the show floor day by playing Street Fighter V (I also made small talk in line). I actually had an intense match with who I went up against, though I came out with a loss. I did tell myself not to play Bison/Dictator like I play him in the Street Fighter IV games.

Usually, I would be ending Friday night with watching crappy cartoons but I did go to the Shout Factory panel, knowing it would end up overlapping (also deciding it’s all or nothing if I’m going to watch the crappy cartoons). There’s only one reason why I went to the panel. Considering Shout Factory were the ones that did an official release of Zyuranger (you know, the Super Sentai show that became Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers), I just wanted to know if they’re going to continue it. Only when the question came up in the Q & A they decided to spill the beans and say, “Yes, we’re going to do a Dairanger release.” They actually knew this was going to come up and just said it. Pretty much, worth it! I went home afterwards.

Did I ever mentioned that I’m not exactly hyped for the new Star Wars movie, despite having some interest in the franchise? I mean, I do have four Star Wars games (Rogue Leader on Gamecube, Knights of the Old Republic on original Xbox, physical disc of Jedi Outcast for PC, and Force Unleashed on Xbox 360. Then there’s the Jedi Knight series I have on Steam, including a Steam version of Jedi Outcast), the Blu-Ray set of the 6 movies and a Darth Vader helmet with button activated voices & breathing effect. Not to mention, I will say that Han actually did shoot first. So why am I mentioning this?

Maybe it’s weird hearing something like that from someone who spent $60 on a Darth Vader-stylized bathrobe. Yeah, I just couldn’t resist it. Even despite that, I find my lack of hype for the new Star Wars movie comes from two things: feels more like nostalgia pandering & just continuing a movie series that, say what you want about the prequel trilogy, I felt it was okay to just be done with it (while letting the other forms of media continue expanding it). Well, that’s what I have to say but it’ll pop up again in this day’s overview.

I actually did talk to a Bandai Namco staff at the booth alongside another person while Tales of Zestiria's trailer was on the monitor, even me saying, "I'm more scared about them screwing up Tales of Zestiria's Steam port." At least I got my concern out there to a Bandai Namco staff, even mentioning how I've been embracing of PC gaming as of late. My last comment to him was, "If they screw up the port, they won't hear the end of it." (I admit, the phrase does come off as being an asshole. But when I said it, it wasn't necessarily me will be in on them hearing the end of it, it's everyone else in regards to messing up the port. So in that regards, I still stand by what I say).

I did not go into any panels today, so I’m pretty much done with Comic Con panels this year. I did play more Street Fighter V & then went to the SDTekken room to play some more Tekken 7.

I did go to the Nintendo Lounge & played some Super Smash Bros. Wii U. Since I have pretty much adapted Cless as my “other name”, I actually registered my name as that on the system there. Someone identified that name from Tales of Phantasia. Man, that name really does out me as a Tales fan. He was even asking if that’s who I submitted for the Smash Bros ballot (still haven’t filled one out. Maybe I’ll do it when I get home).

I also demoed Super Mario Maker. Only thing is, I was feeling like a masochist & told the staff to, “Surprise me!” I ended up doing a hard level created where I have to keep up with a particular cannonball while dodging other things. I was on there too long because the staff pretty much told me I got the idea on how to beat the level so I was able to stay on until I beat it, which I did. Man, that was tough.

As for the masquerade, I stayed for it and saw a Shepard from Mass Effect, female Ghostbusters, olden days style X-Men, and this Star Wars musical about J.J. Abrams inheriting the Star Wars torch. This was where I ended up saying, “For someone that bought a Darth Vader bathrobe, is it messed up that I’m not all that hyped up for the new Star Wars movie?” Well, one person said, “You probably are.” I guess I better go see a doctor then. After the masquerade, I went home.

(For the record, since I’ve been talking Star Wars a lot for this day, I will say that I will go ahead and watch it when it comes out this December. I’m just not jumping up & down like an idiot over it.)

Just a few hours of con time remaining. I just looked around. That’s pretty much it. Well, I did get in one last Street Fighter V.

Photos of stuff I got/swag:
-Posters of Street Fighter V, Megaman Legacy Collection, Resident Evil Zero.
-Charles Martinet's autograph.
-Leon Magnus charm.
-Tales of Zestiria straps: Rose, Zabida, & Mikleo.
-Darth Vader bathrobe. (But you knew that already, with the photo up there)

Other photos I took like a few cosplay, seeing the religious protesters I deal with (again), and more, here's my album (password is "flaming").

Other comments:
-I felt like my legs were taking a lot this year. Yeah, it hurt from walking around this year.
-It's time I stop slacking off on tuning up my Cless Alvein costume. It's not like I'm buying Tales of Zestiria's collector's edition this time since I don't have a PS4 (and no interest in one...yet) & I do want to support its Steam release. I've been wanting to wear it again but not until I actually tune it up. Maybe, just maybe, go ahead & make an Eternal Sword prop.
-In case I forget again, do some tune ups on the Cless costume. Yes, I do miss being in a costume.
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