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Being that San Diego Comic Con is next week, I decided (more in regards to sharing it with the Abyssal Chronicles' chatbox) to do this throwback post, commenting on this stuff.

Of course, I am no professional. I also keep my cosplay stuff mostly around here (i.e. I don't share this stuff on Tumblr).

*Comic Con 2008

First, I'll start with the at home shot here:

This isn't Anime Expo, so seeing some other Tales cosplay at least didn't make me feel out of place. Of course, I also had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction that day).

Also to note, this San Diego Comic Con was when Bandai Namco was showing playable Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360. In retrospect, I probably should have got a shot of me as Leon Magnus playing Tales of Vesperia. Heck, even humor the idea of all of them playing Tales of Vesperia. I guess I blame it on me really playing the Tales of Vesperia demo at home like crazy (I even downloaded the demo off of Japan's Xbox Live Marketplace when it was there before it showed up on the NA Xbox Live Marketplace).

*Comic Con 2013

The one I really wanted to do, especially because of my namesake. A shot at my sister's home, doing a test fitting (I actually shared this shot  before on the Abyssal Chronicles chatbox)

Here's one of me with the modern Pac-Man & friend (though the modern day attachment system sneaked up on me & slapped glasses on me. That or I forgot to take them off for the shot).

I also had to get a couple of shot of me playing Killer Instinct (At least now I know it's coming to PC too). I did it because...Killer Instinct...and I was hyped for it.


I will admit, I wanted to do a simple one this year but not from Tales (I'll say what it is here: I wanted to be Shinjiro Taiga in his battle uniform from Sakura Wars V). But a combination of not able to plan and something about this year is making me decide to make a return of the Leon Magnus costume and maybe, "Screw the maintenance!" & bring Cless Alvein out again!
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